The Virginia Smart Community Testbed

Stafford, Virginia


Serves as Virginia’s “living laboratory” to test new smart technology, and generate practical, proven knowledge that can be used as the “model smart community” by cities and counties across the country.


Make the Commonwealth of Virginia a leading state in Smart Community implementation, focusing on the economic, and social benefits of the digital transformation.


The Smart Community Testbed will foster the growth of smart cities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This Testbed is designed as a “shared knowledge platform” engaging private and public interests to develop practical, and relevant solutions for smart communities.

The Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC) and Stafford County opened the Commonwealth’s Smart Community Testbed in 2021. A smart city or community integrates new technologies to enhance the quality of life for its citizens. The Testbed in Stafford serves this vision while also home to the Virginia RIoT entrepreneur accelerator program. It is the first Smart City Testbed involving an IoT platform, fully integrated with 5G and other new and emerging technologies for Smart Cities around the country.


The Commonwealth’s home for developing Smart Technology

The Testbed serves to accelerate technology solutions for the Commonwealth. It provides a place for companies seeking to provide technology solutions to public infrastructure challenges. It provides a space and place to accelerate the commercialization of new products.

Stafford County focuses on three key areas for smart community solutions: finding technology and innovative ways to enhance the quality of life for its citizens; building an entrepreneurial ecosystem for start-ups and existing businesses; developing pilot projects for innovators and entrepreneurs deploying cutting-edge smart community solutions for their business or products.

The Testbed is a place that fosters entrepreneurship and smart technology advancements, all under one roof. From various programs, to pilot projects, and the Virginia RIoT Accelerator Program (VA-RAP), the Testbed provides a unique location and home for innovative programs.

The program is not only focused on startups, but also existing businesses in the Stafford region, and the entire Commonwealth that desire to test and deploy their new IoT and cyber technology services, software, and products to market.

The Testbed is a “shared knowledge platform” to develop practical and relevant smart technologies solutions. The Virginia Smart Community Testbed is a true public-private partnership involving multiple industry partners who will focus on relevant and practical use cases to produce innovative solutions using emerging and smart technologies.

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The Virginia Smart Community Testbed in Stafford County focuses on potential solutions in four key areas: public safety, data security and training, economic development and tourism, and 5G technology and broadband expansions.


One of the many ways Stafford County is fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem for start-ups and existing businesses is through its partnership with RIoT. The Testbed is home to the Virginia RIoT Accelerator Program, also known as VA-RAP, and the RIoT Foundations Program. Whether entrepreneurs seek mentorship or support to bring products to market, the Testbed offers a place to convene and test new programs and technologies.


The Virginia Smart Community Testbed brings together government, non-profit partners, education, and corporate partners to accelerate and strengthen smart community technology innovation across Virginia. The Testbed is a public-private partnership. With the help of our sponsors and partners, we are creating a smart ecosystem in the Stafford region, the Commonwealth, and beyond.


Stafford County and the Virginia Smart Community Testbed are a place for innovation. Keep up to date with the latest news and progress on the Testbed.


The Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC) and Stafford County are the Testbed’s founding partners. OST, Inc. (OST) is the prime systems integrator and a founding partner. This public-private partnership makes up the Testbed Executive Committee.

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