The Virginia Smart Community Testbed in Stafford County focuses on potential solutions in four broad areas: public safety, data security and training, economic development and tourism, and use of 5G technology and broadband expansions.

The Testbed is seeking innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and businesses to develop and pitch potential technology solutions to address public infrastructure and business, marketplace challenges. Take your solutions to the next level and apply for a Project in Stafford County, Virginia. There are three types of Projects offered:

Pilot Projects

Testbed sponsors are invited to propose Pilot Projects. These are generally projects that may be employed in any community in the Commonwealth (or beyond). In addition to a major partnership investment, these may often include funding from federal, state, or other private parties. These should test a technology that is applicable statewide, or nationally, and may be across any “verticals.”


Zero Trust Data Security

As cybersecurity becomes more complex and attacks become more sophisticated, so must the safeguards against them. The Testbed partnered with Onclave Networks to implement and test Zero Trust Architecture in the Government Center to analyze data security for a Smart City environment.


5G Drone Technology

This project tested the efficacy of drones in response to public safety emergencies. The pilot leveraged the Testbed’s 5G network with Verizon’s Real-Time Response System and Skyward Platform.


IoT Security

Funded by the state and the Department of Homeland Security, this project will deliver a “Best Practices Guide” for procurement officials. Using a wide range of IoT and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) devices and systems, experts will look to define adequate fit-for-purpose cybersecurity measures. The Testbed will also implement a state-of-the-art operational test environment to validate recommended solutions.

Community Projects

Communities across Virginia or the U.S. are those that propose a Community Project that focused on specific tests in their locality or region. Generally, these require local financial support, but can be supplemented by other sources of funding.


Flood Sensor Monitoring

This project tests the efficacy of stream monitoring IoT sensors placed across the Commonwealth in flood prone areas. This technology will lead to early warning and response capabilities in flood prone areas to, as an example, proactively close roads or signal first responders.


Smart Lighting and Smart Community WIFI Network

This is a first of its kind in the United States smart lighting and wifi network demonstration. Several partners organized under Networking for the Future, Inc. to provide several smart Gbit Luminaires that will create a mesh wifi network in the parking lot of Stafford Government Center. This wifi originates from “painted fiber” along the sidewalk in front of the Testbed.

Demonstration Projects

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and existing businesses may propose a project to demonstrate and test a new Smart Technology. These projects are designed to demonstrate the product “in the field.” The product or service will be approved and provide the demonstrator/entrepreneur to document a “third party review” of the product. These projects are generally funded by the entrepreneur or business or, in some cases, with funding secured by the Testbed’s partners. Participants from the VA-RAP are great candidates for Demonstration Projects.


Hire Henry Smart Lawn Mowers

Using their portable and autonomous lawn mowers, Stafford County Parks and Recreation was able to demonstrate the potential cost saving, safety, and environmentally friendly potential of the new technology.

Submit Your Pilot Project

Do you have an idea to contribute? Submit a project proposal.

To accelerate the development of your product(s), we encourage you to utilize the Virginia Smart Community Testbed for its access to resources and technology, and progressive business culture to test your ideas in the field of smart solutions.

Contact the Testbed’s dedicated Technology Specialist and speak with them about submitting your pilot project.

Uma B. Marques

Uma B. Marques

Testbed Director, Virginia Smart Community Testbed

Uma brings over 28 years of technology experience, that spans for-profit, not-for-profit, entrepreneurial ventures and local government, to the Virginia Smart Community Testbed. Uma holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the College of Engineering, Anna University, India and Master’s degrees in Computer Engineering (Clemson University) and Technology Management (George Mason University).

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