Since its inception, RIoT has supported diverse start-ups and companies, many of which are not traditional IoT companies. RIoT is a renowned, North Carolina-based non-profit that helps communities build vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems. RIoT has the resources and expertise to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. Through these programs and various events hosted at the Testbed and around the Rappahannock Region, RIoT will foster entrepreneurial development and business growth in Stafford and the Commonwealth.

RIoT Foundations Program

Stafford County and the Testbed are home to the RIoT Foundations Program and the Virginia RIoT Accelerator Program, also known as VA-RAP.

RIoT Foundations is for business owners, start-up founders, early stage companies, or prospective entrepreneurs who are exploring a new idea or product creation. This is a free, 6-week unique business coaching resource program and is a collection of weekly workshops and advising sessions that are specifically tailored to help your new business. This program also helps business owners reach critical milestones that prepare them to matriculate into the VA-RAP program as a next step in their development.

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RIoT Accelerator Program

The Virginia-RAP is for early-stage businesses a 12-week, no cost/no equity program that connects entrepreneurs with industry experts to learn, partner, and bring products to market. The entrepreneurial process and stages for starting any successful business is not easy. This program provides hand-on, intensive guidance, in-depth training, and connections to a global technology network. VA-RAP is well suited for entrepreneurs and corporate innovation teams developing new technology solutions.

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Ready to open for business in Stafford? Jen Morgan of RIoT is available to discuss the best options for you.

Jen Morgan

Jen Morgan

RIoT Virginia Program Lead

Jen joined the RIoT Team as Virginia Program Lead to help RIoT expand into Virginia – leading efforts to help small businesses grow and engage in the broader VA market. Previously, Jen ran GO Virginia Region 6 – supporting programs to create more high-paying jobs through incentivized collaboration between business, education, and government to diversify and strengthen the economy in every region of the Commonwealth. Jen has a Master’s of Public Administration from James Madison University, with a focus on community and economic development.

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